General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented on 25th May 2018. The law aims to give citizens and customers more control over their personal information. To ensure compliance the following working practises will be followed.

During the booking of an appointment a name, address and contact number will be requested. It is polite to have a name, the address is essential if you want your chimney to be swept and the phone number will be used to contact you if I’m running late, struggling to find the property or in an emergency need to reschedule/ cancel the appointment. Booking a chimney sweep therefore constitutes consent to that data.

After the sweep, if you sign up to my Chimney Care Plan (see Prices page), the following practice will be followed.

Agreement to be contacted for my Chimney Care Plan will be noted on the Chimney Sweep Certificate you sign. A copy will be left with you, the customer, and I will keep one as well.

At an agreed date I will either text or email you. This solely acts as a prompt to you to book a chimney sweep. At this point if a new chimney sweep appointment is made consent is deemed to have been given to hold your data again. If after 3 months a chimney sweep has not been scheduled your data will be deleted.

Following a sweep where the offer of being on my Chimney Care Plan is not taken up, your data will be deleted within 3 months.

Should at any point you wish for me to delete your data simply contact me on 07900492361 or email and your data will be deleted within 24 hours if possible.

All data will be held electronically on a smartphone and tablet computer. Both of which will be either password or fingerprint protected.

In case of a data breach, or potential data breach, such as my smartphone or tablet being lost or stolen, I will inform all whose data I hold as soon as possible.

Under no circumstances will your data be shared with a third party without prior consent.